Liturgical Ministries MINISTRY


This ministry is dedicated to God’s living word as proclaimed by the lector. Training is required and held at least twice a year. 

One way to proclaim His Word in Scripture is through the use of structured verse speaking - simple in concept and dynamic in application. By building the reading line by line from the beginning and maintaining a flow of thought to the end, the life contained within a scriptural reading (or any liturgical proclamation) can be enhanced by the lector applying the elements or tools of this structural format.

Sacred Scripture, then, becomes a form of spoken music (powerful or gentle - always respectful) whereby the printed word is lifted off the page and proclaimed as a living, dynamic and timeless form of praise to glorify and celebrate the Word of the Lord.  Readers should be fully initiated in Church having received the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.